The Bonnie Situation

From The Quentin Tarantino Archives

This is one part of the film. The Bonnie Situation follows the story of Vincent Vega, Jules Winnfield and Marvin. After leaving the apartment on the first day, with their inside man (Marvin) Jules and Vincent are driving to deliver the recently acquired mysterious suitcase to their boss Marsellus Wallace (We presume). But while they are driving Vincent's gun goes off in Marvin’s face, resulting in an instant mess! After some comical dialogue Jules rings his only friend in the 'valley' Jimmie.

Jimmie is played by Quentin and is the very aggravated friend of Jules. Quentin explains in his own way that time is of the essence. "If Bonnie comes home and finds a dead body in her house im guna get divorced, ok no marriage counsellor no trial separation im guna get fucking divorced, and I don’t wana get fucking divorced." He then goes on to explain that she will be arriving home in an hour, thus giving us The Bonnie Situation.

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