Rolling Thunder Pictures releases

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These are all movies released by RTP (on DVD or theatrically) and/or through Grindhouse Releasing (in the case of The Beyond for example). Click on the titles for reviews, DVD information, details and pictures.

  • The Beyond: This horror masterpiece by italian shock maestro Lucio Fulci got a theatrical release by Grindhouse Releasing and is now out on DVD (not by Miramax).
  • Hard Core Logo: In the manner of Spinal Tap, this Canadian film follows a fake rock band's journeys.
  • Sonatine: From Japanese multi-talented Takashi Kitano comes this tough crime flick.
  • Curdled: Produced by Tarantino, this film is a remake of a festival short film of the same title. A groteske little film starring none other than the cab driver from Pulp Fiction
  • Switchblade Sisters: Jack Hill's classic girl gang flick comes on a DVD loaded with special features.
  • Mighty Peking Man: This might just be the best King Kong adaptation ever attempted. Show in the famous Shaw Brothers studios, this low-budget classic is a joy to watch.
  • Detroit 9000: serious blaxploitation crime thriller.
  • Chungking Express: Wong Kar Wai, the master of hong kong melancholy cinema made this episode film in the 90s.
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