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Available DVDs of Reservoir Dogs. Click here for BluRay versions.

Region 1 (USA) Editions

15th Anniversary Edition (Tin)

  • Released by Lionsgate
  • Tin gascan package
  • Newly remastered 16x9 widescreen version
  • 6.1 DTS-ES audio
  • 5.1 Dolby Digital surround EX audio
  • Special Features: Select scene audio commentary; English and Spanish subtitles; Pulp factoids viewer - insider information about Reservoir Dogs and its sources of inspiration; Playing it fast and loose - documentary from the moment of its release in 1992, Reservoir Dogs has helped redefine modern cinema. An insightful study about the impact and ripple effect of this remarkable film; Profiling the Reservoir Dogs - featurette: a unique perspective into the criminal minds of the film's colorful characters; Tipping guide - proper tipping etiquette Reservoir Dogs style; Deleted scenes; Classic interviews with Quentin Tarantino and others; K-Billy sounds of the 70's; more!
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15th Anniversary Edition (neutral)


  • 10th Anniversary Edition (color editions)
  • Released by Artisan
  • Released in separate sets featuring one of the dogs on the cover (plus a booklet with quotes from the character). There is also a neutral one with all "dogs" on the cover (see below). Compared to the international releases of this set and to the new release, these releases had problems with the picture contrast, and they have a full screen version on the disc, too.
  • Available: Mr. White; Mr. Orange; Mr. Blond; Mr. Pink; Mr. Brown
  • Audio: English (DTS), English (Dolby Digital 5.1), English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo)
  • Video: 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen / Full screen pan&scan on disc 2; NTSC
  • Subtitles: Spanish, English HoH
  • Extras: Deleted scenes; Two never-before-seen alternate angles of the famous "EAR" scene; Tarantino's Sundance Institute Directors Workshop Lab containing rare footage of key scenes rehearsed and filmed by Tarantino one year before the film was made; Class of '92: A retrospective look at the Indie films and filmmakers at the 1992 Sundance Film Festival where Reservoir Dogs was introduced; All-new interviews with Quentin Tarantino, Lawrence Bender, Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Chris Penn, Michael Madsen, Eddie Bunker, Eric Baltz, and others; Tribute to Lawrence Tierney; Reservoir Dogs director tribute: A focus on nine filmmakers who influenced Tarantino's masterpiece; Film Noir Web: The writers and directors behind the legacy of this classic genre, introduction by Tarantino; Real-Life Dogs: Interviews with real criminals discussing their heist attempts; Small Dogs: Action figure development documentary on the making of those little plastic dudes; Select scene audio commentary featuring the cast, the crew, and the critics; K-BILLY interactive radio: listen to the super sounds of Steven Wright, as written by Tarantino. with new interview by Gerry Rafferty (stuck in the middle of you); Automobile style guide; Securing the shot: location scouting with Billy Fox; Poster gallery
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10th Anniversary Edition (neutral)

  • Currently no longer available. It was the "Dogs" Edition but without a specific character sleeve
  • 2 Disc Edition, but general cover
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Double Feature with Bad Lieutenant


Double Feature with Death Proof


Triple Feature with Suicide Kings and Killing Zoe


Initial release


Region 2 (UK) Edition


Limited 2 Disc Collector's Edition (Tin)

  • TBR October 20, 2008
  • Identical to American GasCan pack, newly remastered audio video, same extras
  • Video: PAL
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2 Disc Special Edition

  • Released by Momentum & Artisan in June 2004
  • 2 Discs, Extras and Specifications identical with 10th Anniversary Edition (Germany, Australia)
  • Video: PAL
  • Different character editions of this DVD are out of print (just like the US releases)
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Single disc release


Region 4 (Australia) Editions

2-DVD Collector's Edition

  • Released by Magna Pacific
  • Audio: English (DTS & Dolby Digital 5.1)
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen, PAL
  • Extras: Scene Selections; Deleted Scenes; Alternative Angles; Cast & Crew Interviews; Tribute to Lawrence Tierney; Director’s Tribute; Class of ’92 Feature; Small Dogs Documentary; Film Noir Web; Select Scene Audio Commentary; K-Billy Interactive Radio; Style Guide; Securing the Shot Documentary; Trailer; Poster Gallery

Region 2 (Germany) Editions

2-DVD Special Edition

  • Released by: Ufa
  • Video: 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen, PAL
  • Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1, German Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Subtitles: English and German
  • Commentaries: Audio commentary by director/writer/actor Quentin Tarantino, producer Lawrence Bender, director of photography Andrej Sekula, executive producer Monte Hellman, editor Sally Menke, actor Tim Roth, actor Kirk Baltz, actor Chris Penn and actor Michael Madsen
  • "The Critics audio commentaries" (for selected scenes only - disc 2): Amy Taubin ("Film Comment"), Peter Travers ("Rolling Stone"), Emanuel Levy (Author of "Cinema of Outsiders")
  • Extras: 3 deleted scenes, and 2 alternate takes ("Cutting off the ear"); Photo gallery; "K-Billy radio" -feature (allows you to listen to selections from the soundtrack); "Original interviews": Chris Penn, Kirk Baltz, Michael Madsen, Lawrence Bender, Tim Roth, and Quentin Tarantino; "Class of ´92" -featurette (from the "1992 Sundance Festival"); New interviews with Alex Rockwell, Chris Munch, Katt Shae, Tom Kalin, and Quentin Tarantino; "Sundance Institute's Filmmaker's Lab: Scenes of Reservoir Dogs" -featurette; "The film noir web" -featurette (interviews, with "The Noir Files"); "Tributes and dedications" -featurette (interviews); "Small Dogs" -featurette (RD action figures - 4:17 min); "Securing the shot: Location scouting with Billy Fox)" -featurette (4:21 min); "Reservoir Dogs style guide" -featurette (0:21 sec); "Reservoir Dolls" -featurette (02:17 min); Theatrical trailer; Bonus trailers: "Kill Bill", "Jackie Brown", and "Pulp Fiction"; Cast & crew filmographies and biographies
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Single Disc Edition

  • Technical specifications like 2-DVD Edition, but without any extras.
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Limited Steelbook 2 DVD Edition

  • This limited edition comes in a Metal Pak. Contents are the same as the regular 2 DVD Special Edition.
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Region 2 (France) Editions

Edition 2 DVD

RD 3 DVD French Edition.jpg
  • Studio: Seven 7
  • Date de sortie du DVD : 12 mai 2004
  • Video: 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen, PAL
  • Langue : Français (DTS), Français (Dolby Digital 5.1), Anglais (DTS), Anglais (Dolby Digital 5.1)
  • Sous-titres : Anglais, Français
  • Special Features
  • DVD 1 et 2: Le film au format cinémascope (le format d'image de sa sortie en salles) et au format 1.33 (le format d'image des prises de vue d'origine); Le commentaire audio de Quentin Tarantino, du producteur Lawrence Bender, des acteurs et de l'équipe de production (en vost); Les scènes coupées dont la fameuse scène de l'oreille coupée (12 min / vost); Les commentaires audio de 3 critiques de cinéma
  • DVD 3: Autour du film : la création des figurines, les techniques de repérages et le style du film; La genèse du film : les rares prises de vues de scènes clefs du film tournées un an avant (12 min en vost); Les interviews de Quentin Tarantino, Lawrence Bender, Chris Penn, Kirk Baltz, Micheal Madsen, Tim Roth; "Le cru 92" : la rétrospective du festival de Sundance 1992 (29 min en vost); "K-Billy - La radio des Seventies" : avec les commentaires de Gerry Rafferty; "Séries Noires" : L'univers du film noir et du roman policier présentés par les maîtres du genre (10 min en vost)
  • "A l'ombre du polar" : la sélection d'oeuvres littéraires et cinématographiques; L'hommage spéciale : Lawrence Tiernney, Eddie Bunker avec les interventions de Monte Hellman, Jack Hill, Pam Grier et Roger Corman; "Reservoir Dolls" : 2 courts-montrages (4 min)
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Region 2 (Japan) Editions

Deluxe Edition


Special Edition

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