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Quentin Tarantino is an astute student of film and an expert on using the cinematic language in his own work to express his thrilling stories visually. On this page we have compiled for you and your viewing pleasure many of his most well known cinematic motifs. From the technical camera flourishes he adds in his scenes to special props that he places throughout his films. All these things let us know we are watching a Tarantino film. They clue us into his unique personal directing style and also show us the kinds of films/pop culture iconography he appreciates most. We hope you enjoy looking through this expansive collection of Tarantino film trademarks!

Camera Angles and Shots

The Trunk & Hood POV Shot

Quentin Tarantino has trademarked the trunk shot camera angle and he's used it in every movie he has directed. He also uses reverse trunk shots with characters being watched from outside the trunk

  • In Reservoir Dogs : Mr Brown, Mr Pink and Mr White looking at Marvin Nash.

Reservoir dogs trunk shot.jpg Reservoir dogs reverse trunk shot.jpg

Pulp fiction trunk shot.jpg

Fromdusktilldawn trunk01.jpg

  • In Jackie Brown : Ordell Robbie et Beaumont Livingston. Also reverse trunk shot on Beaumont later in the trunk. Trunk shot when Jackie hides money in her suit.

Jackie brown trunk shot.jpg Jackie brown reverse trunk shot.jpg Jackiebrown trunk03.jpg

Kb114.jpg Kill bill vol1 trunk shot.jpg Kill bill vol1 reverse trunk shot.jpg


  • In Death Proof : Zoe and Kim looking under the hood of Jasper's 1970 Dodge Challenger.

Death proof hood shot.jpg Death proof reverse hood shot.jpg

The Corpse POV

  • In Pulp Fiction : When Marsellus wakes up after being hit by Butch's car. Later when Butch hits Maynard.

Pulpfiction corpse02.jpg Pulpfiction corpse01.jpg

  • In Four Rooms : Chester listens to Ted's monologue.

Fourrooms corpse01.jpg

Jackiebrown corpse01.jpg

Kb1 corpse01.jpg Kb1 corpse02.jpg

Kb2 corpse01.jpg Kb2 corpse02.jpg

  • In CSI : Doctors

CSI corpse01.jpg

  • In Death Proof : Pam looking at Stuntman Mike. Stunman Mike being hit by Abernathy in the final sequence.

Deathproof corpse01.jpg Deathproof corpse02.jpg

Long Takes & Tracking Shots

These kinds of shots let us follow the characters and spend time with them without cuts/edits. There is a real beauty and daring to these kinds of cinematic sequences


  • In Pulp Fiction: Long take: We stay with Vincent and Jules several minutes before they go to meet Brett. There are no cuts here. Tracking shot: Butch gets out of his car and walks through an alleyway to get to his apartment to retrieve his father's gold watch.
  • In Jackie Brown: Long take: Ordell puts Beaumont in the trunk of his car and moves the car to a vacant lot where he shoots Beaumont. Tracking shot: Jackie Brown walking through the mall during the final money switch.
  • In Kill Bill: Tracking shot: The Bride walks into the HOBL bathroom----->Charlie Brown & the HOBL owner walk up to O-Ren's private room then we join ----->Sofie Fatale who walks from the private room to the bathroom where we rejoin The Bride.

The 360 Shot

As Quentin Tarantino noted, his use of this shot was inspired by Director Brian DePalma who often used the 360 tracking shot to emphasize the feeling of love or togetherness. It can also be used to emphasize confusion as in DePalma's Blow Out (the scene when Jack's tapes are erased) and in QT's Jackie Brown where the camera spins around Jackie. This is actually a trick on the viewer because as we find out, Jackie plans out the entire caper and is merely acting confused

The God's Eye POV

This shot is filmed with the camera directly above the actors. It is used to convey something bigger than the characters is watching them and what they are doing. In other words, a cinematic inner conscious. In Kill Bill, the Gods Eye POV seems to be accompanying The Bride on her justified journey of revenge.

  • In Jackie Brown : Jackie Brown hides money in her bag at the airport's toilets.

JB Case.jpg

  • In Kill Bill: Volume 1 : 1) The sequence at Vernita Green's kitchen ; 2) The Bride follows Sofie Fatale into the House of Blue Leaves' women's bathroom ; 3) Part of the fight in the House of Blue Leaves is also shot with The God's eye view.

KB1 God POV02.jpg Kb1 toilet01.jpg KB1 God POV01.jpg

  • In Kill Bill: Volume 2 : 1) Budd looking at the money in his trailer. 2) The Bride dunks Elle Driver's head in the toilet in Budd's trailer. 3) The last sequence with The bride crying in the bathroom is also shot in a God's eye view.

KB2 God-view01.jpg Kb2 toilet01.jpg Kb2 toilet03.jpg

The Use of Black and White

QT has had black and white sequences in two of his films. They appear in Kill Bill and Death Proof. These sequences are definitely inspired by his love of the way movies looked in the early days of cinema up to the way it was used in the French New Wave era.

NBK dvd02.jpg NBK dvd03.jpg

  • In Kill Bill: Volume 1 : Chapter 5 - Showdown at House of Blue Leaves. During the big samurai sword fight, the screen changes from color to B&W. It changes back to color when The Bride blinks.

KB vol1 bang.jpg Kb124.jpg

KB2 dvd01.jpg KB2 dvd02.jpg KB 2 searchers01.jpg

  • In Death Proof : Beginning in the second half of the film, the color changes to B&W. We see Stuntman Mike spy on the unknowing girls while Lee is listening to her ipod and Abernathy is sleeping in Kim's car. When Lee drops some change into a Big Red soda machine, color returns to the film.

DP b&w01.jpg DP b&w02.jpg

The Map Shot

Map shot in JB.jpg Map shot in KB.jpg

Recurring Themes

Foot Fetish

Quentin Tarantino has a foot fetish? Nawww. Its gotta be a coincidence that feet play a huge part in his films!

  • In Pulp Fiction : Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield are talking about foot massage and Mia Wallace is often barefoot. The cab driver, Esmarelda, does not have shoes on.

Pulpfiction feet01.jpg Pulpfiction feet02.jpg Pulpfiction feet03.jpg

  • In Four Rooms : Angela is barefoot throughout the fourth installment

Fourrooms feet01.jpg

  • In From Dusk Till Dawn : Ritchie Gecko (Quentin Tarantino) drinks tequila from Santanico Pandemonium's (Salma Hayek) feet

Fromdusktilldawn feet01.jpg Fromdusktilldawn feet02.jpg Fromdusktilldawn feet03.jpg

JB Foot Fetish-01.jpg Jackiebrown feet02.jpg Jackiebrown feet03.jpg

  • In Kill Bill: Volume 1 : 1) The Bride tries to move her feet again. 2) We also see Sofie Fatale's feet and The's play barefoot at the House of Blue Leaves. 3) O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu) is barefoot as she runs to kill Boss Tanaka.

KB-foot fetish-01.jpg KB-foot fetish-02.jpg KB-foot fetish-03.jpg KB-foot fetish-04.jpg KB-foot fetish-06.jpg KB-foot fetish-07.jpg KB-foot fetish-08.jpg Killbillvol1feet03qx8.jpg

  • In Kill Bill: Volume 2 : 1) In the final chapter, at Bill's Hacienda, both Thurman's and Carradine's characters have bare feet. 2) The Bride is barefoot during her battle with Elle Driver in Budd's trailer. 3) Budd is barefoot when he meets Elle Driver.

Kb2feet01.jpg Kb2feet02.jpg Kb2feet03.jpg Kb2feet04.jpg Kb2feet05.jpg Kb2feet06.jpg

  • In Death Proof : 1) In the opening sequence we see Arlene's and Jungle Julia's feet 2) Stuntman Mike touches Abernathy's feet 3) Shanna and Jungle Julia are both barefoot in the girl's car 4) Arlene is barefoot on the Texas Chili Parlor's porch.

Deathproof feet01.jpg Deathproof feet02.jpg Deathproof feet03.jpg Deathproof feet04.jpg Deathproof feet05.jpg Deathproof feet06.jpg Deathproof feet07.jpg Deathproof-feet08.jpg DP07.jpg

  • In Inglourious Basterds : Col. Hans Landa interrogates Bridget Von Hammersmark and checks the shoe on her foot.

Close Ups on Lips

Nothing is more sensual then a beautiful woman's lips...well, maybe their feet

Uma lips in PF.jpg

Uma lips in KB.jpg

Record Player Close Ups

To give a nod to his favorite way of listening to music, QT uses shots of record players

  • In Pulp Fiction : Mia Wallace selects a tune from her jukebox.

Vinyl shot in PF.jpg

  • In Jackie Brown : Jackie Brown selects a tune at her place.

Vinyl shot in JB.jpg

The Violent Awakening

  • In Pulp Fiction : Mia Wallace violently wakes up after the heroin overdose.

PF Wake Up.jpg

KB Wake Up.jpg

The Mirror Shot

Tarantino characters often speak and look at themselves in a mirror. It literally reflects the intimate moments of being alone

Miroir res2.jpg Miroir res.jpg

Miroir pulp.jpg

Miroir true.jpg

Miroir jb.jpg JB11.jpg

Miroir kb2.jpg

  • In Death Proof : Stuntman Mike looks in his car's visor mirror

DP Mirror-Shot.jpg

The Dance Scene

Tarantino dance scenes are (usually) a very joyous time

  • In Reservoir Dogs : Mr Blonde dances to Stuck In The Middle With You by Stealer's Wheel

RD Madsen Dance.jpg

  • In Pulp Fiction : Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega dance to You Never Can Tell by Chuck Berry for the Jack Rabbit Slim's Twist contest and back home Mia dances to Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon by Urge Overkill

PF Dance-01.jpg PF Dance-02.jpg

  • In Jackie Brown : Simone dances for Louis Gara to Baby Love by The Supremes

JB Dance-01.jpg

KB Dance-01.jpg

  • In Death Proof : 1) Jungle Julia first dances when she arrives at the second bar. 2 )Arlene slow dances on The Love You Save (May Be Your Own) by Joe Tex and 3) gives Stuntman Mike a lapdance to Down in Mexico by The Coasters

DeathProof-DVD 032.jpg DP Lap dance-01.jpg DP Lap dance-02.jpg

The Torture Scene

The torture scenes in Tarantino films are what make audiences squirm the most. When these characters are being held hostage it feels like we are too!

  • In Reservoir Dogs : Mr Blonde tortures Marvin Nash and cuts his ear off.

RD dvd03.jpg

  • In True Romance : Clarence's father, Clifford Worley, is beaten/tortured by Don Vincenzo Coccotti.

TR Torture Scene.jpg

  • In Pulp Fiction : Butch Coolidge and Marsellus Wallace are both tortured by Maynard and Zed.

PF Torture Scene.jpg

KB Torture Scene.jpg

  • In Inglourious Basterds : Aldo tortures Bridget Von Hammersmark by sticking his finger in her gunshot wound.

The Bathroom Scene

  • In Reservoir Dogs : 1) Mr Orange tells a story in the men's bathroom at the bar. 2) Mr White and Mr Pink smoke in the warehouse's bathroom.

Reservoirdogs toilet01.jpg Reservoirdogs toilet02.jpg

Miroir true.jpg

  • In Pulp Fiction : 1) Vincent reads in toilets at the coffee shop 2) Vincent is killed in Butch's bathroom. 3) Jules and Vincent clean blood on their clothes in Jimmie's bathroom. 4) Vincent takes a break in Mia's bathroom. 5) Mia is snorting coke in Jack Rabbit Slim's bathroom. 5) "The Fourth Man aka Seinfeld" (Alexis Arquette) hides in the bathroom. 6) Butch and Fabienne are in the motel's bathroom.

Miroir pulp.jpg Pulpfiction toilet01.jpg Pulpfiction toilet02.jpg Pulpfiction toilet04.jpg Pulpfiction toilet05.jpg Pulpfiction toilet06.jpg Pulpfiction toilet07.jpg

Fromdusktilldawn toilet01.jpg

  • In Jackie Brown : Jackie hides the money in her bag in the airplane bathroom.

JB Case.jpg

  • In kill Bill: Volume 1 : The Bride follows Sofie Fatale into the House of Blue Leaves' women's bathroom.

Kb1 toilet01.jpg

  • In Kill Bill: Volume 2 : 1) The Bride dunks Elle Driver's head in the toilet in Budd's trailer. 2) She looks at her stomach in a bathroom. 3) The last sequence is also in a bathroom.

Kb2 toilet01.jpg Kb2 toilet02.jpg Kb2 toilet03.jpg

  • In Death Proof : Arlene rushes to Jungle Julia's bathroom to take a leak.

Deathproof toilet01.jpg

The Restaurant & Bar Scene

Reservoirdogs restaurant01.jpg

  • In Pulp Fiction : 1) Pumkin and Honey Bunny at the same coffee shop as later Jules and Vincent. 2) Mia and Vincent at the Jack Rabbit Slim's. 3) Marsellus and Butch at a bar.

PF dvd01.jpg PF dvd07.jpg Pulpfiction restaurant03.jpg

  • In Jackie Brown : 1) Ordell and Louis at a bar. 2) Ordell and Jackie at a bar. 3) Jackie eating with Ray at a restaurant. 4) Jackie eating in the mall with Max. 4) Jackie drinks with Ordell at the mall.

JB dvd12.jpg JB dvd10.jpg JB dvd13.jpg JB Teriyaki-donut.jpg JB03.jpg

  • In Kill Bill: Volume 2 : The Bride drinks with Esteban at an outdoor bar. Budd works in the My Oh My Strip Club.

KB2 restaurant.jpg KB2 restaurant02.jpg KB2 My-Oh-My-Strip-Club.jpg

Dp1i.jpg Dp1a.jpg Dp1d.jpg Dp1e.jpg DP05.jpg DP Restaurant01.jpg

  • In Inglourious Basterds 1) Shoshanna reads a book in a Parisian restaraunt, 2) Goebbels, Frederick Zoller, Shoshanna and Col. Landa talk at a Paris restaraunt. 3) The secret Operation Kino meeting is held at La Louisianne tavern in France.

The Car Scene

  • In Reservoir Dogs : 1) Nice Guy Eddie talking on the phone. 2) Nice Guy Eddie driving and talking to Mr White and Mr Pink. 3) Mr White driving Mr Orange bleeding back at the warehouse. (NEEDS PHOTO)

Dogs5.jpg Reservoirdogs telephone01.jpg

  • In Pulp Fiction : 1) Jules and Vincent talking in the car. 2) Butch driving back to the motel.

PF dvd02.jpg PF Teriyaki-donut.jpg

FDTD red apple 01.jpg

JB01.jpg JB dvd15.jpg

  • In Kill Bill: Volume 2 : 1) The Bride's opening scene. 2) Bill leaving The Bride at the start of her training with Pai Mei.

KB2 dvd01.jpg KB2 car01.jpg

  • In Sin City : Dwight in the car with Jackie Boy. (Tarantino directed scene only).

SinCity car01.jpg

  • In Death Proof : 1) The girls drive to and back from the bar. 2) Pam and Stuntman Mike. 3) The second girls team drives at the store and talk. 4) The car chase scene.

Deathproof feet04.jpg Deathproof car01.jpg Deathproof feet07.jpg Deathproof corpse01.jpg Deathproofstill15.jpg DP-car02.jpg DP-car03.jpg DP-car01.jpg

The Mexican Stand-Off

A Mexican Stand-Off is when more than two opponents aim at each other with guns. It was originated in Sergio Leone's classic 1966 spaghetti western The Good The Bad and The Ugly, which is one of QT's favorite films. QT has used it for several of his own films.

RD dvd04.jpg

TR Mexican Standoff.jpg

  • In Pulp Fiction : Vincent Vega vs Yolanda vs Jules Winnfield

PF Mexican Standoff.jpg

  • In Inglourious Basterds: Aldo and Willy discuss the term Mexican Standoff while they're in one in La Louisianne tavern.

Don't Be Such a Square

  • In Pulp Fiction : Mia does the "Don't be such a square" sign talking to Vincent when they arrive at the Jack Rabbit Slim's

PF Square02.jpg

KB Square01.jpg

Opening Definition

  • In Pulp Fiction : The films opens with the definition of pulp. 1. A soft, moist, shapeless mass of matter. 2. A magazine or book containing lurid subject matter and being characteristically on rough, unfinished paper.

PF definition.jpg

  • In Grindhouse : In the original US Grindhouse trailer, there is a definition of grindhouse. A theater playing back-to-back films exploiting sex, violence, and other extreme subject matter.

Grindhouse definition.jpg

Recurring Props

The Black and White Suits

QT has stated that these are his characters' suits of armor.


  • In Pulp Fiction : Vincent Vega, Jules Winnfield, Mia Wallace.

Mia-b&w shirt-02.jpg PF17.jpg

  • In Jackie Brown : Jackie buys a new black and white suit. Note: The mannequin that Jackie sees the suit on is patterned after Mia Wallace.


Kill bill.jpgKB11.jpg

KB2 dvd05.jpg

  • In CSI : Catherine Willows

CSI Suit.jpg

  • In Inglourious Basterds: Donny Donowitz and Omar Ulmer wear black and white tuxedos at the Stolz Der Nation premiere.


CivicPF.jpg Honda in JB.jpg Honda in KB.jpg

  • The same 1964 Chevy Malibu is used by Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction and by Chester Rush in Four Rooms. This was Quentin's real life personal car at the time.

PF Chevelle Malibu.jpg

Elvis TCB Sunglasses

A homage to one of QT's biggest idols

Elvis Glasses.jpg

Samurai Swords

The samurai sword is a weapon of honor. It shows QT's acknowledgement that there are codes of conduct even in the world of gangsters and killers.

Sword PF-KB 01.jpg Sword PF-KB 02.jpg

Gas Cans

Reservoir dogs gasoline.jpg PF dvd36.jpg KB 2 gasoline1.jpg

Straight Razors

RD KB Razor.jpg

Cases of Goodies

RD Case.jpg

  • In True Romance : Clarence accidentally comes into the possession of a suitcase full of mafia owned cocaine.

TR Case.jpg

  • In Pulp Fiction : The mysterious "MacGuffin" briefcase owned by Marsellus Wallace, retrieved from Brett by Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield.

PF Case.jpg

JB Case.jpg

  • In Kill Bill: Volume 2 : Elle Driver brings money in a suitcase to Budd in return for The Bride's prized Hanzo sword.

KB2 Case.jpg

Comic Books, Cartoons and Comic Strips

  • In Reservoir Dogs : Mr Orange has a poster of The Silver Surfer on his apartment wall. This is an homage to one of QT's favorite films "Breathless" (1983) a remake of the 1959 Jean Luc Godard film. The remake stars Richard Gere as a rockabilly music lovin' rebel who reads The Silver Surfer comics obsessively.

Miroir res2.jpg

  • In True Romance: Clarence works at a comic books store and shows Alabama comics including Spider Man #1.

TR Comic Book.jpg

  • In Kill Bill: 1) The waiter at the House of Blue Leaves resembles Charlie Brown from the Peanuts comic strip. (NEEDS PHOTO) 2) The Bride looks like Pigpen from Peanuts comic strip as she walks across the street after she digs herself out of the grave. (NEEDS PHOTO) 3) Bill gives a monologue about Superman.

Buried Alive

KB2 Coffin.jpg

  • In CSI : Nick Stokes is trapped underground alive in a plastic box.

CSI 03.jpg

Whats on Television?

  • In True Romance : 1) Drexl is watching the 1973 blaxploitation classic The Mack. 2) Clarence and Alabama watch John Woo's A Better Tomorrow II. 3) Floyd watches the sci fi film Freejack.

TR TV-01.jpg

  • In Pulp Fiction : 1) Lance watches Brideless Groom a Three Stooges episode (by Edward Bernds). 2) Butch (as a child) watches a children's show Clutch Cargo. 3) Fabienne watches The Losers aka Nam's Angels a 70s biker-war film directed by Jack Starrett.

Tv PF lance.jpg PF dvd41.jpg Pulp-fiction-Nams-Angels.jpg

  • In Jackie Brown : 1) Melanie is watching the film Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974) which starred her father Peter Fonda. 2) In another scene she is watching the 1977 Italian crime film Mad Dog Killer starring Helmut Berger. 3) Ordell and Louis watch the "Chicks Who Love Guns" promotional spot.

Jackie-brown tv01.jpg

  • In Kill Bill: Volume 2 : 1) The Bride catches a glimpse of a Roy Rogers western The Golden Stallion while Bill is talking to her. 2) Beatrix and BB watch the 1980 pop samurai film Shogun Assassin. 3) At the end of the movie BB is watching a Heckyl & Jeckyl cartoon.

Tv kb2.jpg Kb2 tv02.jpg

Who's On The Phone?

Reservoirdogs telephone01.jpg

  • In Pulp Fiction : 1) Vincent calls Lance for help when Mia has an overdose. 2) Butch calls Scotty in Knoxville. (NEEDS PHOTO) 3) Jules calls Marsellus who calls The Wolf to help clean the car.

Pulpfiction telephone01.jpg

  • In Jackie Brown : 1) Ordell talking to Beaumont. (NEEDS PHOTO) 2) Jackie calling Max.

Jackiebrown phone01.jpg

  • In Kill Bill: Volume 1 : 1) Elle Driver calling Bill at the hospital. 2) FLASHBACK: Sofie Fatale talking on her cellphone when The Bride is being beaten up in the chapel.

Kb1 phone01.jpg KB1 phone02.jpg

  • In Kill Bill: Volume 2 : Budd calling Elle after he shoots The Bride. Elle Driver calling Bill after Budd dies.

KB2 phone02.jpg Kb2 phone01.jpg

  • In Death Proof : 1) Jungle Julia text messages Christian Simonsen on her cellphone at the bar. 2) Abernathy talking to Lee at the store.

DeathProof-DVD 034.jpg Deathproof phone01.jpg

Product Placements

To further show the depth of his unique cinematic worlds, QT has created fake brands of items ranging from cigarettes to foods to drinks.

G.O. Juice


Red Apple Cigarettes

  • In Reservoir Dogs : Mr White offers a Red Apple cigarette to Mr Pink.
  • In Pulp Fiction : 1) Butch orders a pack of Red Apples. 2) Pumpkin also has a pack of Red Apples laying in front of him in the opening scene.

PF red apple-01.jpg PF red apple 02.jpg

  • In Four Rooms : Just before Ted rings Betty, a package of Red Apple cigarettes is visible near the switchboard.

FR red apple 01.jpg FR red apple 02.jpg

FDTD red apple 01.jpg

  • In Kill Bill: Volume 1 : 1) On the Tokyo billboard advertising we see during a cityscape shot. 2) As The Bride walks through the Japan airport, we can also see a large advertisement for Red Apple cigarettes on the wall featuring none other than Julie Dreyfus who plays Sofie Fatale in the film.

KB red apple 01.jpg

  • In Kill Bill: Volume 2 : When The Bride meets with Esteban, a pack of Red Apples can clearly be seen on the table.

Big Kahuna Burger

Thats that Hawaiiian burger joint

RD dvd01.jpg

  • In Four Rooms : There is a Big Kahuna soda next to the package of Red Apple's.

FR red apple 02.jpg

  • In Pulp Fiction : Brett and Jules eat a Big Kahuna burger and drink Sprite.

Pfbigkahuna4.jpg PF big kahuna 01.jpg PF big kahuna 02.jpg

Big kahuna fdtd 1.jpg FDTD big kahuna 01.jpg

Fruit Brute Cereal


"It's not a fake brand, it was really sold in the 70s" - QT.

One of the real "Monster Brands" of General Mills cereals. The Fruit Brute series was discontinued so QT uses it in his films. Other flavors include: Booberry, Count Chocula and Yummy Mummy.

  • In Reservoir Dogs : We can see the cereal in Mr Orange's apartment under the Silver Surfer poster.

Fruit brutedogs.jpg

Fruit brute pulp fiction 01.jpg

Teriyaki Donut

Fictional fast food restaraunt which serves a mixture of Japanese food and donuts.

PF Teriyaki-donut.jpg

JB Teriyaki-donut.jpg

Jack Rabbit Slim's

Jack Rabbit Slims Front.jpg

Fictional 50s/60s pop culture theme restaraunt patterned after real life LA restaraunts like Ed Debevics.

  • In Reservoir Dogs : We can hear an advertisement for Jack Rabbit Slim's on K-Billy radio.
  • In Pulp Fiction : 1) Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega go to eat at Jack Rabbit Slim's. 2) Butch hears an advertisement on the radio when he is going to retrieve his father's gold watch.

Recurring Characters & Names

The Vega Brothers

Two crazy criminal brothers. Common family traits that Vic and Vincent share: Both like to dance. Neither like authority figures. The Vega name was inspired by singer Suzanne Vega, one of QTs favorite musical artists.

RD dvd01.jpg PF14.jpg

The McGraw Family

FDTD dvd21.jpg KB1 dvd03.jpg Dp1b.jpg

Sheriff Earl McGraw is a character played by veteran actor Michael Parks, who appears in From Dusk Till Dawn, Kill Bill and both segments of Grind House, Planet Terror and Death Proof. Michael Parks' real life son James also appears in Kill Bill and Death Proof as Deputy Edger McGraw aka "Son Number 1". Sheriff McGraw's daughter Dr. Dakota McGraw-Block (Marley Shelton) appears in Planet Terror and in Death Proof.

The Donowitz's

The Koons'

  • In Reservoir Dogs : A character Craig Koons appears in the original script of the movie.
  • In Pulp Fiction : Captain Koons is played by Christopher Walken.


  • In Reservoir Dogs : Nice Guy Eddie says he knows a nurse called Bonnie (unseen).
  • In True Romance : A collegue of Alabama is named Bonnie (unseen).


  • In Reservoir Dogs : Joe Cabot mentions a female partner of Mr White called Alabama (unseen).
  • In True Romance : Patricia Arquette's character is called Alabama.


  • In True Romance : One of the Los Angeles policemen's name is Joe.


  • In Pulp Fiction : Jimmie Dimmick is the character played by Quentin Tarantino.


  • In Pulp Fiction : Butch's opponent is called Floyd Wilson (unseen).
  • In True Romance : Two characters are called Floyd, both played by Brad Pitt and Laurence Mason.


  • In Reservoir Dogs : Jody McCluskey was a supporting actor in the movie but finally cut in the final cut.


Homage to Quentin's real life boss at Video Archives: Lance Lawson.

  • In True Romance : Clarence's boss is called Lance (unseen).


  • In Pulp Fiction : Marvin is the guy shot and killed by Vincent.


  • In Natural Born Killers : Gerald Nash is a cop killed, probably from the same family as Marvin Nash.


  • In Reservoir Dogs : A character called Marsellus Spivey was in the original script.
  • In Pulp Fiction : Marsellus Wallace is Mia Wallace's husband.


  • In Reservoir Dogs : A character called Marsellus Spivey was in the original script.


Laura Lovelace

  • Laura Lovelace is the actress playing the waitress in Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown. Laura is the sister of QT's first serious girlfriend Grace Lovelace.


  • In Reservoir Dogs : Mr Brown delivers a theoretical monologue about Madonna's hit "Like A Virgin".
  • In Pulp Fiction : Fabienne says she has a bit of a tummy, like Madonna when she was doing "Lucky Star".
  • In Four Rooms : Madonna plays a role in the movie.

FR dvd02.jpg

Pam Grier

  • In True Romance : In the original script, Clarence says that the name Alabama Whitman sounds "like a Pam Grier movie".
  • In Pulp Fiction : Bonnie's character is inspired by Pam Grier's role in Coffy where she plays a nurse.

Elvis Presley

  • In My Best Friend's Birthday: Clarence Poole (Quentin Tarantino) delivers a monologue on Jailhouse Rock the same one which later showed up in True Romance.
  • In True Romance : 1) Clarence talks about Elvis and his film Jailhouse Rock 2) He wears Elvis TCB style sunglasses 3) Val Kilmer plays Elvis.
  • In Pulp Fiction: 1) Mia asks Vincent whether he's an Elvis or a Beatles man. 2) Mia later says "An Elvis man should love it" when they arrive at Jackrabbit Slims. 3) Vincent says to Mia "Lets go get a steak", this is a reference to a line Elvis says in Jailhouse Rock. 4) Mia uses an Elvis voice when she and Vincent are about to take part in the Twist Contest.
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