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The Ultimate Planet Terror Movie References Guide is a community effort to list all films and other media that have directly or indirectly influenced Planet Terror, and all films and other media that are referenced to in the film.


  • There is a scene in Never Say Never Again, where Fatima Blush (played by Barbara Carrera) pulls up her skirt and shows syringes on a belt around her thigh, like Dakota, her "little friends".
  • The box of "Great White Bites" is a homage to Tarantino always placing a box of classic cereal in the background of a shot.
  • In the scene where Sheriff Earl McGraw (Michael Parks) feeds his invalid wife, there's a framed photo of Parks on a motorcycle from his TV series Then Came Bronson.
  • The escape in Planet Terror involving the truck and the gas tanks is an homage to George A Romero's Night of the Living Dead. In Night of the Living Dead, the plan fails. In Planet Terror, it works.

References to other Tarantino/Rodriguez films

  • While Cherry and El Wray are driving to The Bone Shack, Jungle Julia's radio show can be heard tuning in and out of frequency.
  • Quentin Tarantino plays a rapist, like he did in Rodriguez's From Dusk Till Dawn. The elevator scene is also shot similar to the scene where Ritchie Gecko is talking to Kate Fuller in the back of the RV, he even mumbles at first until he takes off his retainer in "Dusk" in this one he takes off his mask.
  • In one scene, we hear on the radio, Austin 505 Hot Wax dedicating their show to the late DJ Jungle Julia.
  • In Dr. Dakota Block's office, you can see a notepad. Written on it is a checklist, the last item being: Kill Bill.

Music References

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