Pai Mei

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Pai Mei

Character in Kill Bill: Volume 2, played by martial arts star Gordon Liu. Pai Mei was once the leader of the White Lotus Clan. He is a Kung Fu master and he trained Bill, The Bride and Elle Driver. He taught The Bride how to use the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique and how to kill a person from a 10 centimeter distance. Pai Mei was murdered by Elle Driver after she poisoned his fishheads.

  • Pai Mei: "I hate the goddamn Japs!"
  • Pai Mei (to The Bride): "You bray like an ass."


  • Gordon Liu played one of Pai Mei's enemies in the Shaw Brothers kung fu film Fists of The White Lotus. In that film, Pai Mei was played by the late great Lo Lieh.
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