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In New Jersey, the Specific Vehicle Insurance Policy (SAIP) offers an alternative with low-earnings households to obtain affordable automotive insurance policy. Decreasing the quantity regarding uninsured vehicles on the highways in New Jersey is the principal aspect behind the plan, while protecting motorists regardless of socio-financial standing. The scheme offers limited coverage and is only available to those who qualify for Fed Medicaid with hospitalization. The insurance covers medical expenses only and costs the insured $365 annually.

Difficulty: Moderately Effortless Instructions

Legitimate driver license

Legitimate vehicle registration

Federal Medicaid in hospitalization

1 Visit a local automobile insurance factor to indicator upwards for the policy. Most agencies offer the policy, still if there yous a issue locating an agency, any fast phone call up to the Exclusive Car Insurance Plan (PAIP) customer service series will assist with locating an agency. The PAIP consumer assistance amount is 1-800-652-2471.

2 Present a valid Medicaid card to the representative about the insurance policy agency. The identification number on the card will indicate whether a Medicaid receiver qualifies for the SAIP.

3 Sign plus date all documentation provided by the insurance representative. The policy will cost $365 for the year if paid in two installments or $360 inside some single, upfront payment. These are the only 2 payment options.

4 Hold the insurance card provided with the factor with all times, within the car the policy deal with.

Suggestions & Warnings

The policy may listing only some vehicle; however, everyone within the household on Federal Medicaid in Hospitalization can be on the policy if they are admissible to drive.

If a driver's license or a vehicle's registration is suspended or revoked, the insurance agency cannot concern the policy.

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