Love Birds in Bondage

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Love Birds in Bondage (1983)

A 1983 unfinished film collaboration between Tarantino and Scott McGill. This film precedes “My Best Friends Birthday (1985-87)” on which McGill was a co-cinematographer.

Tarantino would star, co-write and co-direct this black comedy about a girl who suffered from brain damage after a car accident and had to be institutionalized due to her erratic behavior. Heartbroken, her devoted boyfriend makes the decision to get himself admitted, so he can be close to her.

The cast never grew beyond Tarantino and the film was abandoned. Later McGill claimed that his mother destroyed the film. Tarantino and others believe that McGill destroyed the film himself.

McGill, an aspiring film maker and staffer at Video Outtakes, which was rental store that Tarantino frequented. Upon it’s closing in 1983, Tarantino took his business to Video Archives where he continued his friendship with McGill and soon became a staff member in 1984.

Their friendship continued up until McGill suicide in 1987.

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