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  • The idea behind making the film actually came about when Lawrence Bender was scouting locations for Quentin Tarantino on Reservoir Dogs. He found a great bank set in Los Angeles and informed Tarantino, who said that although the location was no good for Reservoir Dogs, it would be good for a film set in a bank. Since Lawrence Bender could get the location for very little, he called all the screenwriters he knew and asked if they had any screenplays that took place in a bank. Avary told him he had one, even though he didn't, and proceeded to quickly write one in a reported week and a half.
  • Although the film's set is suposed to take place in Paris, it was entirely shot in L.A. Only the opening titles sequence and the final road scene were shot in Paris.
  • Roger Avary wrote the role of Zed specifically for Eric Stoltz. Both he and Stoltz admitted they had a fantasy to rob a bank (though Stoltz qualified this with "and not go to jail!") and making this movie was as close as they would get. Avary also said : "Eric can be likened to the Reagan/Bush years - they kept everyone happy through hysteria."
  • Avary stated that, as a feature directorial debut, it was a dream to work with world class actors as talented as Jean-Hugues Anglade, Eric Stoltz, and Julie Delpy.
  • Killing Zoe is notable as the first feature film to use the newly invented Otto Nemitz Swing & Tilt lenses, which were used during the heroin sequences for perspective distortion instead of their original purpose of perspective correction.
  • Killing Zoe soundtrack is the first complete film score for the duo of tomandandy (Tom Hajdu and Andy Milburn).
  • The title is intending to be ironic, or at least an oxymoron. Zoe is the Greek work for life. "Zoe means life in Latin, so the title of the movie can be interpreted as Killing Life."
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