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Archived news related to Kill Bill from 1/1/04 to 12/31/04.

Kill Bill version integrale review (Jun 2)

Empire Online is one of the few online magazines that provide a review of the uncut Kill Bill. The version, that was shown in Cannes, combines both Volumes as one film. HERE ARE THE CHANGES:

  • No "klingon proverb" quote. Instead a dedication
  • HOBL fight massacre in color, slightly differently cut
  • gorier anime scenes
  • various other scenes slightly longer
  • Sofie Fatale loses more limbs
  • no "baby" cliffhanger ending
  • short (music-accompanied) break between two parts
  • the second part (volume 2) is not different

All in all the differences are not great and some people may even wish it would be different. But this long version, let's call it the "Intégrale Kill Bill", will come to US theaters next year. Here's the review

Volume 2 reviews and specials (Apr 14)

Here's a bunch of reviews: | another | negative review | another | another | another | reviews at rotten tomatoes

Here's a cool internet special with interviews and all:

Tarantino's plans with Kill Bill and DVD (Apr 11)

Tarantino has big plans for Kill Bill - still. Volume 2 is finished now and will be in theaters this week. Some months after, there will be normal DVD releases like with Volume 1 (where Japan got an extended cut). This is what reports:

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has some major plans for his latest opus, Kill Bill . While promoting the second volume of the series, opening theatrically on April 16th, Tarantino revealed that he plans to recut both films together for a special theatrical release later in the year. "We did a special version [of Volume 1] for Japan that's only been shown in Japan and Hong Kong, and I kept the rights to that," Tarantino said. "I'll put the Japanese version together [with Volume 2] like I would if it was one complete movie, and then I'll release that throughout America and Europe in arthouse engagements."

Tarantino also promises more extensive DVD plans for the revenge films. "I'm going to do a special collector's edition of both of them once I'm finished with both of them," he said. Also in the talking phase, Tarantino is considering the possibility of releasing stand-alone supplemental discs. "One of the things that I saw that I liked... was what the American Pie guys did with their 'Beneath the Crust' documentaries. I want to do the same thing (for Kill Bill)." Thanks to Tom for the scoop.

Volume 2 trailer and more news (Apr 6)

This is a busy day!

  1. The official Trailer is out. Click here to watch it - ATTENTION! THIS IS AN EXTREMELY SPOILER-CONTAINING TRAILER.The Spoilers are heavier than any spoiler you've ever encountered.
  2. There's talks about animated prequels about Bill's past. More details to follow. Here's a link
  3. Uma Thurman and Vivica Fox were on TV discussing their scenes. Click here
  4. A Review of Volume 2 click here. Various other reviews can be seen if you browse the messge boards.
  5. Reportedly, Volume 2 is about 135 minutes long. It is Rated R. Release date is April 16th (USA)
  6. UK residents please check out the Soundtrack competition on the main site. The chances are very good that you win one of the 3 CDs of the volume 2 OST that I am giving away.

I think that's it for today. Keep your eyes open for TV Spots, Internet Specials and promotions at your local theater. Thanks for reading, and if you like this site you can do us a cute favor and use our Amazon links when buying stuff. Be Cool

Volume 2 spot, review & info (Mar 29)

Check out the latest TV Spot which is currently running in the US: | A new review from | A Daryl Hannah article

New Volume 2 pictures (Mar 25)

The cool guys over at have just got another bunch of new (and very spoiling) pictures of Kill Bill Volume 2: here

Vole 2 OST press release (Mar 24)

The great guys at Noble PR have just published the Volume 2 OST press release. It doesn't really contain any new information, but it's the first official stuff we get. Check out the link below. The soundtrack will be available soon, you can already pre-order it from Amazon. I will present an exclusive, first-look prerelease review of the soundtrack in the coming weeks/days. Stay tuned.

PRESS RELEASE VOL 2 OST; Info: The Soundtrack's label Maverick Records, and the Distributor is the WEA Corp (i.e. Warner Brothers).

Kill Bill double feature at Cannes (Mar 21)

Quentin Tarantino will head this year's Cannes Film Festival (which is taking place every year in Cannes, France). This year, we're also due for some surprises. Kill Bill Volume 1 will be shown together with Volume 2 is a double feature (out of competition of course). Check out the following article as well.

David Carradine and Kill Bill article

Volume 2 news (Mar 19)

Hopefully I'll get the press material for the soundtrack next week. Meanwhile, I have an article about David Carradine's upcoming career-revival and a link to the Japanese Trailer, which is nothing new. A mixture of old and new scenes along with some music. Spoiler alert!

New Volume 2 pictures (Mar 14) has a bunch of new (and some old) pictures of Volume 2 on their site. For all you Kill Bill lovers who what to get spoiled (those pictures are massive spoilers), go there now

Volume 2 OST tracklist published (Mar 11)

It's rumbling. The MiramAxe propaganda machine is running. More and more news are being published. Today's highlight is the publication of the Volume 2 Soundtrack song-list. Also, the length of Volume 2 is supposedly 1 hour and 34 minutes.

Volume 1 DVD news and interview (Mar 10)

Not much DVD news coming in these days, but DVDAnswers has the pictures of the DVD-Artwork itself (the disc!). Rumors from everywhere coming around that Miramax plans some kind of Special or Double-Feature DVD later this year. Reportedly, DVD-Buyers in Thailand are getting both versions (International and Japanese cut). But there is no official confirmation on that. CHECK OUT THIS LINK

TARANTINO Interview at

Older TARANTINO Interview (3 pages) at (maybe it hasn't been mentioned here, seems like some months old)

Another Old (December 2003) TARANTINO Interview (3 pages) at

Volume 2 reviews (Mar 8)

Extreme Spoiler Alert.

First of, there was a Test-Screening held in Austin, Texas yesterday with Tarantino, Weinstein and so on all present. Aint it Cool News has 3 reviews on their site. And what you can read there is pretty much 95% enthusiasm. The movie is reportedly not a 100% finished, some color work has to be done on the film, yet.

Also sad news for all Michael J. White fans. The Flashback Scene with David Carradine and the Martial Arts Star has reportedly been cut out due to lack of time. Seems like it's planned for DVD.

DVD NEWS: Apart from the word, that we will only see Michael J White (like Christopher Lee in LOTR3) only on DVD, rumors are also that the combined Volumes will not only get a double-pack DVD release, but the complete movie will even get it's own theatrical release. Click the links below to read the reviews or go straight to if those links don't work (AICN servers usually break down)



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