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Kill Bill Oscar chances (Aug 18)

This year, it will be a tough game for movie industry strategists. While Matrix 2 and 3 are both in 2003 and could both get nominated for an Academy Award, Miramax bosses are still considering if they would release Kill Bill Volume 2 in 2003 as well, giving it a possible December run that would qualify it for the Oscar. Read the entire CNN article about that problem here.

Kill Bill review (Aug 15)

The following review by a "El Mariachi" follows some others that have been posted at AICN. Quentin Tarantino showed Volume 1 in Boston and Los Angeles, and this guy's review is more or less a reaction to all the AICN-Talkback fuckos that keep bashing Tarantino without having seen the movie. Right on! Kill Bill will rule their lousy asses!

Anyone who doesn’t love this film in all of its gory needs to stop watching movies and do something else with their free time. Quentin is one of us… A TRUE FAN OF CINEMA… He doesn’t make film for anyone but himself, he’s not a hack director, he’s not a sell out, he’s not a guy compromising his art for the sake of the studio system. He’s a guy who loves movies. What more can you possibly ask for in a filmmaker?

Love him or hate him, you have to fucking respect him. I saw KILL BILL. It was AMAZING! Uma Thurman kicked more ass that Keanu Reeves in the MATRIX, matter of fact, Fuck Keanu Reeves! She’d kick his ass, better yet, she’d kick everyone in the MATRIX’s ass and you’d actually believe it if you saw it. That’s how good she is in the film. She also brought an emotional spirit to the film, I felt her pain and I felt her misery, which would soon become rage.

KILL BILL is an old school, Shaw Brothers, Kung-Fu Chop Socky Extravaganza. It’s beautifully violent. All of the kung fu fight sequences are completely unique. The best in the last twenty years, and there’s heart. I loved the Bride. I felt for her loss and I wanted her to get medieval on all those who betrayed her… and she fucking did!

The ending of the film is a cliffhanger, but not the kind that you fucking hate and want to kill the filmmaker because he left you hanging. This is more in the tradition of EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, there’s a bit of closure, but you know there’s still a lot of shit left to do… that’s what’s cool. It ends perfectly.

If everyone would stop being so cynical, condescending and arrogant when it comes to film, I guarantee they’d thoroughly enjoy this fine piece of work. Lucy Lui is amazing, she’s not the Lucy Lui from CHARLIE’S ANGELS, she is a bad motherfucker! You will be scared of her in this film. She’s that bad!

This is the film that all the old school Tarantino Fans have been waiting for… all the ones who hated JACKIE BROWN (which was a very good film, but most couldn’t see the brilliance because they wanted to see another PULP FICTION… but if he in fact would have given them another PULP FICTION, everyone would have bitched and said that he was unable to do something new… the irony).

I honestly think that QT is one of the greatest filmmakers of our time. He could have easily given us another PULP FICTION after PULP FICTION, but he didn’t. He’s not fucking Guy Ritchie! He does what he wants regardless of what everyone else may think. You gotta respect him for that. I sure do.

So all you film geeks out there who like to shit on people just for the sake of doing it, go right ahead, but you know what? I know without a doubt that you will look back on this film and his work and realize that QT is a bad motherfucker!

QT has done it again. He just re-invented another genre. So now all you hacks out there can go copy him.

El Mariachi

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