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Five Fingers of Death (1973)

  • aka King Boxer
  • Directed by: Chang Cheh
  • The Vengeance theme in Kill Bill Volume 1 (from the TV show Ironside) is actually the same theme used when Lo Lieh is about to fight in this classic Shaw Brothers kung fu film. The Theme itself is by Quincy Jones.

Five fingers of death 02.jpg Five fingers of death 03.jpg

  • The orange flashback of the defeat

Five fingers of death 01.jpg

  • The master teached Lo Lieh a letal technique (The "iron fist") that he used at the end to kill the big bad.

Five fingers of death 05.jpg

  • A guy gets his eyes poked out

Five fingers of death 06.jpg

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36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978)

  • aka Shaolin Master Killer
  • Directed by: Gordon Liu
  • aka Master Killer
  • One of the greatest kung fu movies with Gordon Liu, by the Shaw Brothers studios. In that film, the Gordon Liu character undergoes tough training to become a Shaolin monk. In Kill Bill Volume 2, Gordon Liu himself plays a former Shaolin monk, this time sending The Bride through tough training.

Master of the Flying Guillotine (1976)

  • Directed by: Jimmy Wang Yu
  • Music from that was used (Super16 by Neu!, the rights were bought), and also the mace Go Go is using is reminiscent of the flying guillotine.
  • Note that this movie has already influenced a James Bond film called Octopussy.

Fists of Fury (1972)

  • aka The Chinese Connection
  • Directed by: Lo Wei
  • Starring Bruce Lee
  • The many-on-one fight at the House of Blue Leaves references the Bruce Lee film 'at several parts, including the surrounding mob's fear when the main character strikes a fighting stance. Also, in each fight the hero eventually dives to the floor and attacks their opponents' legs.

The Chinese Boxer (1970)

  • Directed by: Jimmy Wang Yu
  • The House of Blue Leaves scene was inspired by that. Wang Yu fights against 100 enemies in this film. One of the first no-swords but open-contact kung fu movies. Yuen Woo-Ping's father was in the film also.

The Five Venoms (1978)

  • aka The Five Deadly Venoms
  • Directed by: Chang Cheh
  • A Shaw Brothers film that inspired the DiVAS. A kult kung fu film. Also: Return of the Five Deadly Venoms.
  • Two sound effects (Sword swings and Axe throws) are used in Kill Bill

Pai Mei

The Pai Mei character is a reoccuring legend in many kung fu movies, such as Clan of the White Lotus, Executioners of Shaolin and Abbot of Shaolin.

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