Jack Rabbit Slim's

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The fifties style theme restaurant Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace go into in the film Pulp Fiction. Later on in the film during The Gold Watch segment, you can hear a radio ad for the restaurant while Butch Coolidge is traversing to get to his apartment. Jack Rabbit Slim's is also mentioned in an ad on the radio in Reservoir Dogs. You can hear it after Mr. Orange shoots Mr. Blonde and the camera pans to the left.

All the waiters and waitresses look like icons from the fifties. We can see Buddy Holly, James Dean, Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe, Mamie van Doren, Zorro, and Jerry Lewis walking around.

Read the Jackrabbit Slim's Menu.

Fun Quotes

Mia Wallace: "An Elvis man should love it".

Vincent Vega: "...Its like a wax museum with a pulse."


  • The set for Jack Rabbit Slims was inspired by the Elvis Presley film Speedway (1968) and by Red Line 7000 (1965). It was also inspired by many retro themed restaraunts in the Los Angeles area such as Ed Debevic's.
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