Hattori Hanzo

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Hattori Hanzo

Character in Kill Bill: Volume 1, played by Sonny Chiba. Hattori Hanzo was once the best samurai swordmaker on earth, but he swore to never make one again. After his retirement he opened a sushi bar in Okinawa. When The Bride arrives at Hattori's establishment and drops Bill's name, Hattori breaks his oath to never create another sword and makes his finest weapon of death for The Bride.

Fun Quotes

  • Hattori (to The Bride): "Warm sake? Very gooood!"
  • Hattori: "If you should encounter God on your journey, God will be cut."


  • Sonny Chiba also played the ancient relative of his character in Kill Bill on the television series: Hattori Hanzô: Kage no Gundan [1].
  • The Hattori Hanzo character has appeared in the films like "Ninja bugeicho momochi sandayu", and other media outlets such as literature, videogames, and animation.
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