Grindhouse box office and business

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Release dates

Production Cost

Production cost: $53,000,000 (estimated)


all these numbers are unconfirmed

  • Opening Weekend (USA): $11,400,00
  • Total gross (USA): $25,031,037

Box Office

Even though Grindhouse was marketed heavily throughout America, it ended up under-performing in the US Box Office. Despite critical praise, it opened up to only $11.5 million dollars on its first weekend, behind more family oriented movies like Blades of Glory, Meet The Robinsons, and Are We Done Yet?. Such disappointing numbers have subsequently been blamed on a number of factors - the controversial Easter release, the excessively long running time of the feature, and the fact that only a small percentage of people were probably interested in watching a grindhouse-influenced movie in the first place. Grindhouse movies had always catered for niche markets since their inception, and trying to introduce Grindhouse to the mainstream audience proved to be a more difficult task than expected.

Such results prompted the Weinsteins to release Planet Terror and Death Proof as two seperate movies in the rest of the world, a marketing move which irritated many non-US fans.

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