Exclusive interview with Larry Bishop

From The Quentin Tarantino Archives


Hell Ride is a movie full of "bikes, beer and booty", so of course we could not resist asking Larry Bishop some hard questions about the project. The film hits theaters August 8.

  • The Quentin Tarantino Archives (QTA): Larry, We're expecting a trailer this week, Hell Ride comes out August 8, are you excited?
  • QTA: Was it harder than you expected, getting a biker film made after it hasn't been done right in such a long time?
  • LB: No, I had Quentin Tarantino on my side.
  • QTA: What was the toughest thing about directing Hell Ride?
  • LB: Honestly, nothing. The shoot went smooth as silk.
  • QTA: You've assembled quite a cool cast! Did you have specific actors or actresses in mind while writing this?
  • QTA: How did you get Dennis Hopper to step on a bike again and act like it's 1968?
  • LB: It was easy. We met, took a 20 minute walk-and-chat, and he was in.
  • QTA: Besides Eric urinating on Dennis Hopper's boots, what other money shots can we look forward to?
  • LB: Everything involving the eroticism. And all the bike-riding shots.
  • QTA: There's a character credited as "oil wrestling mud devil", can you here and now promise that it will be as great as it sounds?
  • LB: I swear on Michael Madsen’s life.
  • QTA: Where did Daniele Luppi come in for the music, and what role does the music have in the film?
  • LB: I wanted a mix of biker films and spaghetti westerns. He delivered the goods. With a vengeance.
  • QTA: What type of motorcycle is your character riding?
  • LB: The nastiest bike in the movie.
  • QTA: Aside from convincing you to do it, did Quentin Tarantino get actively involved in the film somehow?
  • LB: We had two amazing conversations at the beginning. He came into the editing room at the end of the process… and wowed me with his expertise.
  • QTA: You were great in Kill Bill, do you think you and Quentin will work together on a film again in the director/actor capacity?
  • LB: As an actor, I am forever available to Quentin Tarantino.
  • QTA: What are the plans for the DVD version of Hell Ride?
  • LB: I’m working on all the extras for the DVD right now. It’s gonna be fucking fantastic.
  • QTA: Do you have plans for any other films in the near future? If so what would it be?
  • LB: SWEATING BULLETS is up next. As with HELL RIDE, I will write, direct, star and co-produce.
  • QTA: We're all big exploitation film fans. Out of all the earlier exploitation films you worked on, which one was your favorite?
  • QTA: You and Rob Reiner were in a comedy duo? What are some memories you have of that time?
  • LB: Rob – to this day – is like a brother to me. We’ve got a project in development. I’’ll keep you posted.
  • QTA: Last question, of course the business question: Do you think the tagline and the general premise will draw enough of an audience today, will we see mostly bikers in leather outfits in the auditorium?
  • LB: You’ll see anyone who is interested in sex and violence… and fun!
  • QTA: I'm looking forward to seeing Hell Ride! Thank you for your time

Email interview conduced by Sebastian Haselbeck

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