Dutch References

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Quentin Tarantino always has a reference to the Netherlands in his films.

Reservoir Dogs

  • The opening tune, Little Green Bag, is performed by the George Bakker Selection, a Dutch band.
  • The character Freddy Newandyke, played by Tim Roth is a direct translation to a typical Dutch last name, Nieuwendijk.
  • The code name of Tim Roth is Mr. Orange, the royal color of the Netherlands, and the last name of the royal family.

Pulp Fiction

  • The Amsterdam conversation between Vincent and Jules.
  • Vincent Vega smokes from a Dutch tobacco shag, Drum.
  • A deleted scene had Mia and Vincent talking about a coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

Jackie Brown

Kill Bill

  • The Bride's name is Beatrix, the name of the Royal Dutch Queen.
  • The ringtone on Sofie Fatale's cellphone is "Auld Lang Syne" a Dutch song.
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