Dr. King Schultz

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Dr. King Schulz is a character in Django Unchained played by Christoph Waltz.


  • German dentist (originally from Dusseldorf) turned bounty hunter.
  • Expert gunfighter whose trademark is a hidden mechanized Derringer sleeve gun.

Historical References

  • Dr King Schultz is a dentist who's also deadly with a gun, just like the real Old West legend "Doc" Holliday.

Film References

  • May be named after Doc Schultz (Dub Taylor) a character in the Western Support Your Local Gunfighter.

TV References

  • The type of sleeve gun Dr Schultz uses was originated on the popular 60s TV series The Wild Wild West which is set in the late 1860s following The Civil War.

Cool Quotes

  • "Amongst your inventory, I've been led to believe is a specimen I'm keen to acquire."



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