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Actor Role
Jason Isaacs Bearded Man
Matthew MacFadyen Hatchet Victim
Katie Melua Brunette with Hatchet Victim
Stuart Wilson Old Man
Lucy Punch Running Blonde Woman
Simon Pegg Cannibal
Nick Frost "Baby" Eater
Kevin Wilson The Twins
Nick Wilson The Twins
Will Arnett Announcer


  • A crazy horror trailer which is a warning to the audience. "DON'T! DON'T! DON'T!..."


  • Don't is based on the Jerry Gross Organization's preview for Sergio Martino's "The Corpses Bore Traces Of Carnal Violence", retitled 'Torso'. The original trailer chanted the word "Torso" faster and faster over quick clips from the film, just like Wright's trailer.
  • It might be influenced by the horror classics Don't Go Near The Park and Don't Look in the Basement
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