Dr. Dakota Block

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Dr. Dakota Block

Character played by Marley Shelton in Planet Terror. Dakota is the estranged daughter of Sheriff Earl McGraw and Ramona McGraw and sister of Deputy Edgar McGraw. Dakota is also the wife of Dr. William Block, with whom she shares a son, Tony Block. She is an anesthesiologist, working in the same hospital as her husband. She has been having an affair with Tammy and is planning to leave her husband for Tammy, taking her son with her, as the movie begins.

Earl McGraw apparently stopped talking to her for some undisclosed reason (possibilities include his dislike for her husband or her profession, or his having discovered at some point that she is gay). She is featured in both of the Grindhouse movies.


  • While Dakota is in the hospital, you can find that on her to-do list, it includes that she Kill Bill. Not only does it refer to Quentin Tarantino's movie, but it foreshadows the events later in the film.
  • The character also has a short appearance in Death Proof
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