Crimson Tide

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Crimson Tide is a 1995 submarine action adventure film directed by True Romance director, Tony Scott. The film featured the first collaboration between star Denzel Washington and Scott.

It's relation to Tarantino lies in the fact that the then young screenwriter was given the script to rewrite some dialogue. Scott, suggested Tarantino to the studio to doctor the script after having done True Romance, and Tarantino did the job. At the time, it is believed he was not in the WGA just yet, so was not allowed a credit on the film. One earmarked piece is the famous The Silver Surfer speech. The character Rand Vossler is also one of Tarantino's tidbits.


  • As another connection to True Romance, Brad Pitt was at one point considered to play the lead in the film. As was The Mentor played by Val Kilmer.
  • Though purely coincidental, the name of the film alludes to the famous college football team of The University of Alabama, called "The Crimson Tide". The narrator and female protagonist of True Romance was named Alabama Whitman.
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