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Character in Grindhouse's Death Proof, played by Vanessa Ferlito. Also called "Butterfly". The character is a friend of characters Jungle Julia, Marcy and Shanna visiting from New York. She is the girl that Stuntman Mike followed throughout the day. Stuntman Mike eventually gets her to give him a lap-dance in the bar by reciting the Robert Frost poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.

Fun Quotes

  • Arlene: "Hold on! I gotta come up! I gotta take the world's biggest fuckin piss!"
  • Arlene: "Well Stuntman Mike, I'm Butterfly..."


  • Character shares the first name of The Bride's alias from Kill Bill; Arlene Machiavelli.
  • In Death Proof, her character reveals she's from New York which makes sense because Vanessa Ferlito is from New York and has a Brooklyn accent.
  • Vanessa Ferlito bares a resemblance to actress Florinda Bolkan (left) who starred in several Italian giallo thrillers in the 1970s including Lucio Fulci's A Lizard In A Womans Skin.
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