Adam Sandler

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Adam Sandler
  • Adam Sandler has remained friends with Quentin Tarantino since his SNL days. The actor has created his own niche, quality, and mythology in Hollywood films even without serving as a director. His fellow actors often appear in multiple films with him, and characters will float from film to film as well. It's more than possible that Tarantino finds this comedian actor a kindred spirit as he does the same with his own films.
  • Tarantino and Sandler also had fellow director pet, Steve Buscemi, as a common friend who appeared with Sandler in more than three films, Airheads, Billy Madison, The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy, and Mr. Deeds. Tarantino appeared in the Sandler film Little Nicky. Soon, it was rumored Adam Sandler was in the middle of a bidding war between director Paul Thomas Anderson and Quentin Tarantino around 2000. It turned out Tarantino was planning to cast him in Inglorious Bastards or the rumored 40 Lashes Less One. But Tarantino ultimately ended up directing Kill Bill with Uma Thurman and Sandler had the chance to work with Paul Thomas Anderson in Punch Drunk Love. It seems that PT Anderson's directors pets (Luiz Guzman and John C. Reilly) and even Buscemi's friends from the Coen Bros. films (John Turttoro) have found their way into Sandler's films. It is still possible that Tarantino will collaborate with Sandler on the upcoming Inglorious Bastards.
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