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THESE WIKI PAGES ARE A SUBDIVISION OF THE QUENTIN TARANTINO ARCHIVES. The Quentin Tarantino Archives Community/WIKI is an experimental project that aims at creating a community-driven knowledge database for everything Tarantino. The contents of these pages are NOT public domain or under a "creative commons" license, please contact us if you want to use information from these pages. Link to us if you quote us, thank you.

We to not take responsibility for the content presented on these pages. Due to the technical nature of this part of our website, we do not guarantee for the correctness or completeness of any of the content provided here. We do not regularly edit and/or patrol these pages.



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This document clarifies the terms and conditions under which this site is operated and used. It explains the legal circumstances under which the content of this website is published on the Internet. The language under which this website is operated, is English. German law applies to this website and its content.

By visiting www.tarantino.info, you agree to these terms and conditions.

The proprietor of this website is called "we" in this text.

  • §1 We are not responsible for content of websites that are outside www.tarantino.info. We distance ourselves from the content of other websites that are being linked here and do not take responsibility.
  • §2 This site may contain verbal expressions, pictures, images, sound or video that may be not suitable for children and/or youths. When you enter this site you confirm that you are old enough of age. We do not take responsibility for people viewing our pages that are not old enough.
  • §3 This is a information site. All content is only for educational and personal use. Content is collected from various sources. This website is a collection of information.
  • §4 All brand names/movie names and persons are trademarks or intellectual property of their own or of the specific companies. We do not intend to use copyrighted material for commercial purposes. All material or information on this website should contain a credit to the source, if not, the source was not to be found. All images are courtesy of their respective owners. All names, titles and logos are the property of their respective owners. All content is provided for educational purposes. We do not claim ownership over third-party content.
  • §5 We can not guarantee the flawlessness of this website. This site was created for the latest web browsers and a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels or higher. We can not guarantee for server shutdowns and loss of information or interrupts or various other technical issues. Unless otherwise stated, our pages were created to work on all modern web browsers.
  • §6 Every information and every content may be either written by us or gathered somewhere. This is an information site, every information you find here is for information purposes and we do not intend to threaten any copyrights. The purpose of this site is to provide a collection of informative articles and to provide content related to the topic Quentin Tarantino, wherever the information is from. Copyrights: see §4. In addition, we provide visitors with our own content, articles and words. These types of content are our own intellectual property and may not be used elsewhere without permission
  • §7 This site is owned by us. Unauthorized copying of design/layout/ideas or using our names is prohibited. We consider the name "The Quentin Tarantino Archives" or "Tarantino Archives" as our intellectual property and it mustn't be copied or published without our permission. www.Tarantino.info is registered at www.uniteddomains.de and owned by Sebastian Haselbeck. The website is hosted on a server located in Germany, German and EU law applies.
  • §8 REPEATING: This site is for information only. Contents may be gathered from other sources, we only provide them for the purpose of information, education and personal entertainment. All our pages are accessible for free, none of our content is available for sale.
  • §9 IMPORTANT: We are an Amazon Affiliate, in order to give visitors the opportunity to directly order specific items.
  • §10 Any Problems/Wishes/Criticism or other subject concerning this our website should be reported to any contact address listed. We ask that, IF there ARE problems with copyrights the specific owner of violated content should contact us before contacting the provider in order to solve the problem without shutting the site down, serving both parties with a fitting solution. Same procedure is to be done with violation of the laws of the provider-country or the provider's rules.
  • §11 WARNING: This website contains: Books, VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs and other visual or audio materials that can be considered not suitable for some people. Therefore we recommend this website for viewers over the age of 18. Products displayed or discussed on these pages may or may not be banned in certain countries, may or may not be available in certain countries, and may or may not be legally allowed to be advertised in certain countries. We do not endorse violation of local laws, however, we indiscriminately inform our readers about all products covering our area of concern, regardless of the legal situation, for educational purposes and reasons of research.
  • §11.a) Movies presented on this site may be legally restricted for certain audiences in certain countries (e.g. From Dusk Till Dawn in Germany). Please see §11.b)
  • §11.b) Music and other material presented on this site may contain "explicit lyrics". Pictures or sound/video material presented and provided on this site may contain violence, use of firearms, usage of drugs, consumption of alcoholics or cigarettes, sexual acts, rude expressions, ... I repeat that this is only for informational purposes and should not be considered offensive.
  • §12 Visitors interested in donating to this project may contact the owner of this website to see how their money is being spent.
  • §13 We keep ourself the right to change (and add paragraphs to) the terms and conditions of www.tarantino.info without public notice.
  • §14 This "Terms and Conditions" page is meant to tell visitors and proprietors of copyrights how this web site works. If any conflict occurs concerning copyright violations etc, please read this Terms and Conditions page first, and then contact the webmaster through the email-address below and submit your concern!
  • §15 Sidenote: We can and do not guarantee for the authenticity of provided news/information, especially where it says rumors, news or info on movies that are in production
  • §16 FORUM/Community located at http://www.tarantino.info/community is owned and fix part of http://www.tarantino.info - Terms and Conditions apply. The Forum lists a set of "board rules" which are to be followed upon registering for the Forum and are to be considered part of these terms and conditions.
  • §17 The forum is free for everybody who registers there. Personal information will not be published or used for any purpose other than contacting the registered person where necessary. By registering to the Forum you agree to the Forum terms and conditions and the Board Rules. Restrictions see §19
  • §18 This is a free world, freedom of speech applies. There is no censoring in the Forum. Restrictions, see §19
  • §19 The owner and assigned Moderators have the right to delete any member that violates either board rules or terms and conditions rules without warning. The following things are not tolerated: racism, publishing offensive content or any other content that violates laws and human rights, child pornography etc...., as well as offensive behavior. Content that violates laws of certain countries or may be offensive in its nature may be censored by the administration crew of this website. The board rules are to be considered the supreme regulatory document of the Forums, the Administrator may permanently ban members for repeated offense and violations. Members in the Forums are guests and have to respect the house rules.
  • §20 For questions, and things missing in thes 20 paragraphs, contact the webmaster

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